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Default Re: May-June Spyder of the Month voting....


Originally Posted by Hoppy11 View Post
Back on topic guys.
Originally Posted by vikingshadow View Post
this kind of post probably belongs in a pm, then maybe a thread AFTER the vote, instead of in an open thread with actual voting going on as it can sway a person's vote one way or the other. Especially in a close running poll such as this one.
Originally Posted by bamf-hacker View Post
Well lets see... Since I run the OTM's...........
It belongs here.
Ok, this thread has been warned once before to stay on topic, the man running the show has spoken and the thread has been cleaned . Personally, I stand by my own previous statement that this thread is not the place, nor is it the time, to discuss what gun goes in what thread. that is better suited to pms or a thread AFTER the voting is over.

Now, since it's come to this, any more discussion that is off topic in this thread will result in this thread being closed and infractions given, and if necessary, vacations given - depending on the number of "vacations" a person has had before this could actually result in a LONG vacation. So, ask yourself. Is it important enough to continue to force the issue?
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