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Originally Posted by The Pumper View Post
If you dont want a spyder, the SLG shouldnt be up there. Its basically a proto spyder.

I'd say a used pm5/dm4
those run pretty cheap.
No... The SLG is not a blowbacl, it's a spool valve that uses a sear, therefore nothing like a Spyder except that is uses a sear. Does that mean it will shoot like an 800psi Pilot ACS? Of course not, I've actually heard some great things about it from a friend who shoots it over his SFT Shockers. It's definitely not a bad choice, but you could do better.

Buy a used gun from $200-300 and take your pick of 2k5 Timmys, 05 Angels, DM5/PM6, insanely upgraded Ions, upgraded PMRs, and a whole lot more.
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