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Default Re: which marker

has taken over customer support for ICD. I just recently picked up a Promaster and I love it. I've put in a new valve and polished up the ram for better efficiency & slightly lower operating pressure.
There's still a live board for ICD too:
I got mine delivered to my door for a little over $100 and I think it's a sweet shooting gun.
That's the post from the spring when I got it. I have to say that the attention to design detail and construction of the Promaster is well worth the new lower prices; no plastic or cheaply made parts on it. Besides, who cares if the factory stopped producing, does that make it any less of a quality marker?

Here's one at $41 so far:
or one with a tank & hopper for $50 so far:
This one's super secret:

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These colors will never run.

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