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None of the above. RANT:

PMR: I've had efficiency and leaking issues with PMR's more than any other gun. That gun was on the workbench more than it was the field. Terrible resale.

SLG: It's a sear tripper, I've heard good things but I just wouldn't buy one. It's lacking some key parts and I'd rather have a different gun. TERRIBLE resale.

ICD promaster: It's no longer in production, no support. Don't bother. Some fanboy will be upset, but it's a dead gun don't buy it unless you get an absolutely awesome deal.

WGP trilogy: Someone else will be upset by this comment, but is there really even a point to shooting a semi autococker any more? Pump cockers are the only ones worth while, the trilogy is pretty bad for a semi cocker to begin with.

Epiphany: Expensive Ion, see ion.

Ion: Poorly executed, good design. I'd never buy a stock ion. I'd only accept one if I created it myself, those usually run up to about 300-400 before they become worthwhile, you might as well look at MY recomended guns.

I'd recommendfor a gun ONLY, this excludes getting a nitro tank etc)

0-100 range: rent/borrow
100-200: SLG, but I'd save up for g3
200-300: SLG + Ups, but I'd save up for g3
300-400: PMR, and some money for the field tech, Save up a bit more
400-500: DEFINATELY THE Dangerous power G3. Save up for this gun. It rips face
500-600: Protege. enough said, this gun rips.
600-700: protege + board
700-800: Vice
800-900: Vice + strippers
900-1000: Vice + more strippers
1000-1500: whatever. It really won't matter now.
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