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Default Re: Shadys experience with upgradeparts for the MR2

Special Ops Commando Stock
This stock is well worth getting. It fits the MR2 very well, if not better, than your 'stock' stock. It really changes the look of your marker for the better, and isn't as common as a carbine stock, so you get some variety.
Some perks: A cutout on the left side of the stock gives you extra mask clearance to look down sights or scopes. I have no problem hitting my mask with this stock. Also, this stock is hollow inside, and has a pre-cut hole for a remote nipple. If you are industrious, and want to go air-thru, this stock makes it easy. This thing looks, feels, and IS durable. I've never once worried about any part of it cracking, shifting, or coming loose.
Some downsides: (like Shady said about it's SAW counterpart) It is not light. Another sore spot, is that it covers your velocity adjustment, to give it the full-backed look.

MR3/"MR Series" Stock
In my opinion, this stock looks awful on any of my MR markers. That said, it is also probably the most practical stock I've used. It really snugs to your shoulder, it is adjustable, light, and very durable. Sights are a breeeze to look through.

J&J 14" Ceramic Barrel
Alot of people like these. These are excellent barrels for the price. You may be able to shoot through ball breaks in a pinch, due to the ceramic coating, but it is not a substitute for using a squeezie. It will reduce the noise of your MR2 greatly over the stock barrel.
Cons: The o-ring that came with my barrel caused the barrel to seize inside my gun and could hardly be removed at one point (took 2 guys to remove it, once). It also caused some ball breaking troubles. Havn't heard many other cases like this, but if this happens, try using your stock barrel o-ring, worked for me. Another big con in my opinion, is the fact that this barrel will chip and scratch very easily.
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