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Default Re: Shadys experience with upgradeparts for the MR2

Zero Gravity 12", I had to mill down the back with a dremmel to get the barrel to fit, the barrel was nice and light and quieter then the stock barrel. But the stock barrel was more accurate IMO. I also use rainx in my barrels, I believe it helps. J&J Elite Edge barrel Kit, Nice and lite. love the barrel backs.

* Whats the deal with the gap about this big [] where the barrel fits into the marker???? thats a big gap. Chop problem?

I modified Dye stickies and love 'em!

Barrel Shroud-
My weight bench has a standard bar, it came with 8" attachments so I could use Olympic type weights. These fit perfectly on my barrel.

Revy with x-board. It does not keep up and its loud. Halo-B w/ Rip - Had to take scope off the top because it sits so low and everything else Same as Slim, I really like it so far.

I chopped the top bar off the original stock.

Core Feed neck drops my hoppers profile a bit and seems pretty sturdy. I like that it comes in two parts because my hopper fits on there really tight.

Misc Gear-
Stanley Tool Box- carries both markers, two hoppers, rags and barrels on the bottom section. Middle section holds my side arm, tools, duct tape and misc items, the lid holds my fast moving items in sections like my o-rings, oil, anti fog, batteries and squegies. I am able to carry this or wheel it around.

Spring kit-
Maddman- a lot of different springs. I have only replaced the striker spring so far...
Modified Dye Stickies-
2" Side rail- reg' rail attached to the side by a screw
Halo B w/ RIP drive-
Core MR clamping feed neck
Maddman Spring kit-
J&J Allstar edge barrel kit
Mamba coil remote

better paintball skills

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