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Thumbs up Re: Shadys experience with upgradeparts for the MR2

[COLOR="Red"]Let me say that I do not have alot of experiance. Just started about this time last year. I figure that if I start now it wont be so big the 1st time and I can just add little by little.


Viewloader Revy-This is the 1st aggitaded hopper I got (for MR1) and did not know anything (wish I belonged to this forum then). It is very slow 13 bps and is break beam lazer. This means that when you are playing and you have no balls left it just runs or if you tip your gun it can turn on. Not so good when crawling around. I don't recomend it. (Great for loading Q-pods).

Evolution II-Same as Shady

Spyder Fasta- I think that it is cheap for the rate of fire you get. I used it with the MR2 and works very well. Reloading is a little differant because the lid is almost level and not on an angle. Not to big a deal just have to be careful. One thing about the Fasta is that it is very light. I personally have broken two shells ( Might have been the feed neck). Good hopper if you are careful with it.

Q-loader- Same as Shady but would like to add getting the CMS if you want to deal with hose. I think that it is a great option and gives you more ways to mount the Q-loader.


I found that the ones that came with the MR1 where stiffer than the ones that came with the MR2. So I use those. They are not perfect with the Q-loader but as long as I keep the bps to 20 or under it runs like a dream. I really don't need or want to have a higher bps.
Still want to get Timmy's just tough in Canada.


MR Series- I like the look of it and not to bad a price. It is light weight and I think very comfy on your shoulder. I think it is great for CQB.

Pro Team Car Stock- I like the look of this stock better than the MR series. It seems to be strong and is light. When in all the way it is a little shorter than the MR series so it is also good for CQB. The only negative thing is when it is in all the way you can not cock the gun. There is a little ridge on the top of the stock that get in the way so you have to either extend the stock or file down the ridge to cock the gun. I did think that it was a little expensive $100. Over all I think it is a good stock.


MR Series- Same as Shady


Empire Twister- It does not fit on the MR2 without milling. When I used it with my MR1, loved it. I think that it is very accurate. I am really thinking of milling it to fit the MR2.

J&J 14 inch Ceramic- What can I say. Love the J&J!! Fit the MR2 without milling. It is very accurate and light. If you break a ball no problem. Just take about 5-10 shots and you are good to go and cheep. When I got mine it was a $30 bargain. Now I see it on line for around $50 but still a bargain.

RAP 4 8 inch Recon- I really liked the barrel. Found it to be ok for accuracy but very loud. It has no porting but is rifled. I did break a few balls with it and was able to shoot through the break. The only other barrel that I have been able to do that with is the J&J Ceramic. No milling

Apex- I'm with Shady. By it self the accuracy is ok but but then I put it on the J&J. Definatly the way to go.

JCS x short- Need to grind it to fit. I like this barrel. I found it to be accurate but loud. Got the tip milled so it can fit the Apex. Great for CQB. After playing in the senario game with Shady I can say that the Apex tip on it is amazing. Deffinatly recomend this mod.

Springs- All I can say is that when I 1st got the MR2 I had trouble getting my velocity up. Got given a red spring and it is a lot stiffer and that sloved the problem. Cant recomend a company because I dont know it

Expantion Chambers

32-Degrees- I very much like this product. I have had no problems with it. I did have to cut the fore grip to make it fit but it was very easy. I chose this expantion chamber because it was very cheep ($25) and alot easier to get than the AK-47 style for me. It was one of those things where the shop owner just wanted it out the door. I will say that it is very comfy for a fore grip. I also hook my remote line directly to it. It pivots 360* so you can have the hose out on any angle that works for you. I think this is a great feature.


Virtue- Same as Shady. Just like to add that there are a few ajustment that I don't think I am ready to set yet I will just keep them set to there default.





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