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Default Re: Shadys experience with upgradeparts for the MR2


Tippy A-5 G36- This rail will fit the MR2 however it sticks out past the front shroud about 1" so it looks alot better if you custom make a shroud that is a little longer. But the shroud itself is great, its light tons of rails on it looks cook and mean and gives you the nessissary room to look through a red dot or other sight aiding device. Its a well made product that is easy to instal.

AR-15 riser- This is a good little rail that is very durable and tough however for a small rail it is very heavy. There may be lighter rails out there but they wont be as tough.

Barrel Shrouds

BT16-A very common shroud for users of the Mr2 the shroud is lightweight and gives the users the appeal of a M4 carbine. Complimented with the appropriate carstock you could have your gat looking realistic in a hurry. i like the shroud as it is light and versatile. i also drilled mine and put a rail kit on it. it attaches solid to the barrel and does not attach to the main body this is good so that you dont have to take the shroud off to remove the barrel like a few other shrouds. Good product.


Special forces vertical grip- This is a neat peice of kit that I picked up its a special forces vertical grip that attaches directly to any 7/8 weaver or picatinny rail. There is a small button on the front that when pushed releases a spring loaded bi-pod. This thing really is cool! it is very light and i like the fact that when you dont want the bi-pod it slids effortlessly back into the handle where it is kept from hooking and snagging on things.


Virtue- I bought this board recently and love it, everything is compleatly customizable on the board to user prepherence(SP??) The laser eyes are cool too! its easy to install with the exception of having to enlarge the hole where the charging port goes as it is a little off center and requires some attention. Other then that super easy to install and use with alot of different mods and settings that are sure to draw some attention wherever you play.

Grenade Launchers

EGL-47- This is the US militarys replica of the M203 that is used as a training feture, toned down now for sevilian use in the form of the EGL or eagle 47. The grenadl launcher is a beast in all seances of the word as it packs a large punch with acrazy big kill radiuse. In the same breath however this thing is heavy weighing in at 3.5LBS without a grenade in the chamber. So your gun ends up deing extreamly front heavy. What I like about this launcher is that it shoots water ballons a cheep round at anyrate so your not shooting out 10$ a pop! It's a breach load that is extreamly convenient and if you choose to take it off your marker there is a stand alone kit that can be perchased for it. I deffinatly think that it is worth the 640$


CO2- Like most people I have used Co2 in my marker a few times playing bush ball or what have you. I use a remote coil that helps act as an epansion chamber alowing the Co2 to revert from its liquid form before entering the gun and freezing all your o-rings. Personaly I beleive that the upgrade to HPA is just as nessissary as a new barrel. It's fine to use Co2 if you choose but HPA is a better way to go. Co2 works not as good as HPA though.

Pure energy(3000) HPA steelie- This I beleive is a must for anyone. HPA is an excellent upgrade, it is alot esier on your o-rings. No marker freeze up you dont have all the problems assosiated(SP) with co2 especialy in winter play. So my experience with HPA is that it is a must have, I would deffinetly sugest getting it. This is just a steelie tank so it is heavy, if that botheres you however there is plenty of carbon fiburs out there just be prepaired to dig your wallet out.

Remote Coils

JT with check slide and pressure releif- I beleive that coils are a upgrade for a gun as well so im going to list mine. Coils help in alot of ways regardless of the make, if you run co2 it gives it more time to turn from liquid to gas so it doesnt freeze up your marker. Anther great thing is that your tank isnt on your gun anymore. With the MR2 its nice to lose as much weight as you can. The JT remote is durrable and tough i have no complaints about what so ever.
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