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Default Egg problem, guessing eye

ok, im having a problem with my new to me eggy. when i bought it it was working fine and i have played a few games with it, working 100%. well i played a few games and then it stopped feeding. the low battery light was on and the battery door was broken so i figured it was just a combination of thoes. i have since replaced the battery door with the newer, stronger ones and put new batteries in it, with no luck. i was playing on a sand field so i thought maybe the eye was dirty, i stripped the egg, cleaned the eyes with a q-tip and cleaned the raceway, put it back together and still no luck.
if you have any sugestions i love to hear them cause im stumped, hopefully i dont have to replace the board, i dont really need any more speed (stock board, i shoot a mech cocker so im not gonna out shoot it and its good for the minimal blowback i get [hopefully all gone now with my new lightning bolt])
thanks for your help,
(sorry for spelling, i stil cant find the spell checker)
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