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Talking Help!!!!!!! air tank or yakuza??

Hey guys, I got some money laying around and I am thinking about getting a yakuza for my m8.Im also thinking about replacing my 68ci 3k pure energy carbon fiber air tank for a DXS lp 48 ci or a cp 48 ci. Air tank or Yakuza??? my air tank isnt that bad but its a bit long and kinda heavy its supposed to be hydro tested in december 09.
thanks everybody
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Spyder Vs2
-cp clamp feedneck(gloss black)
-shocktech supafly bolt
-empire revolver barrel kit(gloss black)
-cp pro mini asa (gloss black)
-acp stryker
-hyper 2 (dust clear)
-shock tech spring kit
-Virte board

-Sly barrel
-Yakuza on the way

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