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Default Re: What hopper would you say is the overall best?

Originally Posted by vikingshadow View Post
Now, if you really wanted to spend some money for a different style loader, I'd go for the magna clutch drop in kit and get the RF for it, then it'd be the same as the pulse but for less money
In fact, it would be better then the Pulse. Spring tension, rip drive, clutch kit... amen.

Just drop in a clutch. Trust me, the B2 is plenty fast. If you're upset about weight, get a 9v mod.

Do not get a Pulse. I hated the one I owned. No eyes, no tension spring, no sound activation... just constant tension monitoring. In all honesty, I didn't see anything about it that I'd take over my Reloader B or V35 Halo.

The VLocity is sort of nice... but I'd go for a JR with a Gangstar chip. The regular VLocity is just too big. The profile increase above your head just gives them more to shoot at and they are ugly as hell. They work nice, are light, and have nice capacity... but the shells are cheap and the battery doors blow off very easily. Can't tell you how many I've seen break/blow off at the field.

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