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Default Mint 2k5'd Species Timmy for $200?

Well... there is a local guy that I ref with that just informed me that he's selling his Species Timmy. It's an all black MINT Timmy that I got to fiddle with today. It comes with the original matching 2k2 frame, as well as having a brand new 2k5 Alias frame. The only thing it needs is a 2k5 board for the Alias frame. The 2k2 has the board in it still too.

It doesn't have a reg, or an ASA, but other then that, everything it comes with is in mint condition.

He's only asking $200 for it and I'm ready to jump on that. I can slap my Alias front block on it with the Hybrid Verd kit from my FASOR. Take the ASA off my FASOR, same with the reg and then buy a board and I'd be set.

Do you guys think thats a good deal?

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