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Default Re: next gun?

I have owned/shot all of the markers u listed execpt for the mini.

Here are the choices in the order I would choose them.

Protege (I have a vice and a protege is pretty much a vice w/ different milling. I HIGHLY reccomend this one)

Pm7(I have a Pm6 right now and I like it. This would be my second choice tho.)

NXT (I didn't really like the nxt I had. But I know of several ppl that love them.)

Mini (I put this gun in last place because I have never shot it. So idk how good they are.)

With all that being said if I were u I would find and 06 or 07 borg or an 04 viking(I have one right now and I love it).

pm me if u have any more questions.
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