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Default Re: RAP4 Firestorm Trigger

Are you using your RS or the TL-R? Personally, for tournaments, I'd get just a regular frame and upgrade the board. Best trigger I ever used on a Spyder was a Sweetspot trigger - just a flat trigger. And that was on an old ESP IPI frame...however, if it follows normal PSP rules, you're only going to have to shoot 13 bps anyways, and any electric frame can keep up with that easily. You just need a loader that'll keep up.

The trick to XBall is speed - however, since the cap is in effect, your going to have to rely on accuracy and speed of foot. Get to your bunkers as far up the field as you can, lay down some paint as accurately as possible, and keep that bunker. Oh, and get the other team out, haha!

I don't personally think it matters what gun you use, just so long as you can shoot accurately with it. Most importantly, just have fun and be a good sport.
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