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Default Re: RAP4 Firestorm Trigger

ramping and rate of fire is not the same thing. The Rate of Fire is the number of balls per second your gun is set at. Ramping is when the gun takes over for the person firing once he/she hits a predetermined ROF and then it raises the Rate of Fire automatically to whatever ROF the board is set at, so long as the person keeps the original trigger speed going.

For example - a person shooting 15 BPS (balls per second) has a ROF (rate of fire) of 15 bps. However, say this same person sets his gun at 25 bps RAMPING, with the activation point being 12 BPS. When the person hits 12 BPS trigger speed, then the gun takes over and ramps up to the 25 BPS ROF.

Does this make any sense?
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