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Default Re: Keep my old barrel or get a new one

Originally Posted by spray and pray View Post
I have the deadlywind on my ion and it's great but not what I'm looking for on my spyder. I have no idea what's wrong with the hammerhead. I got my velocity to 285ish like they reccomend and I sized my paint so I had the perfect match. I go to fire a few paintballs and they fly all over the place. After that I thought it must be a bad batch of paint. I got a new case of paint and sized my balls again and still had the same problem. There was absolutely no wind.
Had the same problem w/a used Stiffi Red Mamba (.691) I picked up for my A1, it was all over the place, even sent it into Site and paid $45 for them to check it and replace the G7 Fly collar w/an A1 specific collar (.689). Got it back and had the same problem, random breaks and lousy accuracy. Sometimes the PB gods just frown on us I guess.
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