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Default Re: New gun or ups?

Originally Posted by Maxx-Damage View Post
Yeah but how much do you have in ur ion?

Ive noticed an extreme hatred towards the PMR from Ace latly...
After I sell the $65 worth of stuff, it's a $120 ION with the following ups:
  • Dust back GC (Considered better then Lucky 5.1's / Private clone)
  • Blue Matrix eyes
  • Clamping feedneck
  • SP 360 QEV
  • NDZ Rake Trigger (I think... it's the one that goes straight and hooks at the end)
  • Virtue Easy On
  • GC Bolt
  • S-Rail
  • SP On/Off (wich will be gone shortly and replaced by a better one)
  • Stock reg (replaced by Hyper 2 in a bit)

I'd rather pay $120 for a more efficient BOB system that not only runs smoother (absolutely no kick with this body) but quieter than the PMR.

...and don't even get me started on how cheap the SLG feels to me.

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