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Default Re: College - going: Q - what w/ paintball

If I sell a 500 dollar gun and a 120 dollar tank a 50 dollar harness and buy a 240 dollar gun and no tank I'm not just going to wipe my ass with the difference, I'll use it to play.

500- protege
120 - Tank
90- hopper
50 - harness
80 - misc softgear
60 - stiffi barrel
= 900

240 - phantom
100 - season pass
200 - spare phantom
30 - Stock harness
150 - Misc Gear
= 750

900 - 750 = 150
5 - enough paint for a day
3 - lowered field fee
2 - enough air for a day
= 10 to play a day
120/10 = 15 times

By the time I play 15 times I should start having money set aside. It's a lot easier to accumulate 10 bucks than it is 60. So by my estimates I can play as much as 3 times a week, adding a dollar a day to my pot of money and play 5 weeks before having to slow down and let my money catch up. It's likely that I wouldn't have much time for 3 times meaning I could extend it to nearly 12 weeks. I'll be honest, I really overestimated the amount of times I'd play in my first post, but the difference between the two is a correct ratio IMO. I'd probably only peak at 4 times a week or do that over the summer off of lawn money (which I don't put towards college, but I don't have access to in school).

EDIT: and pumper I'm not trying to persuade people to vote B, it just seems like I didn't explain why B is even an option well enough and people are just assuming it's a dumb idea. It's just a devils advocate thing.
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