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Default College - going: Q - what w/ paintball

I shortened a very long title. Basically the situation is this. I'll have enough money durring college to keep my gear. I won't have enough money to play very often... maybe like once every 3 weeks if I'm lucky. I was coming up with some ideas with some friends and a couple of them really wanted to play pump when I brought it up. Here are my options:

Option A:

Keep my semi stuff, my worn gear and buy ONE pump marker. Nothing else will be new, and most will sit on a shelf. I'll play about twice a week pump, and only ever so often semi (like a tournament only). The benefit of this is that I love my Bob Long Protege, and I could use it in tournies. The downside is I'd play less.

Option 2:

I sell almost all of my stuff, excluding my mask. And I buy 2 pump markers, a new mask, a gearbag and some new softgear, then have a little money to spare... Yes I did the math, I would probably have some money to spare. The upside of this idea is i can play a lot, have a loaner, and get a bunch of new gear (I like new gear ). The downside is that I'd get rolled by most of the regulars at my field and that I'd have nothing to pick up when I just couldn't succeed with the pump.
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