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Default Re: Vanquished Spyder to Ego feedneck adapter

Good to hear that, Bryce! I'm glad it worked out for you so well! I'm definitely going to have to pick up one without holes to see how it's height is comparatively when I start on my Spyder-ish project (you know which one! ).

Drago, those are for Imp threaded feednecks. The problem with those is that the threads are normally "weak" compared to, say, an Autococker threaded feedneck or an Ego clamp. The thing with the Ego clamp is that it's the second tightest clamping feedneck I've ever used. The first was the feedneck on the DP Threshold. Wait, what am I doing? I'm lecturing already... I've been reading too many posts!

DF.... now why would anyone call Otter Tim besides me? To brag, I guess I started it with the whole first name thing simply because in an AIM chat (OS KusaChats ftmfw!), it doesn't make sense to call vets by their SN's. They're people, and should thus be treated like it, and called by their names. Otter and Drago are the exceptions, as I don't like getting confused which "Tim" you're talking to, and I don't think Drago's ever divulged even his first name.
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