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Default Re: New gun or ups?

Originally Posted by xsvly-fat View Post
save up some money and buy a pmr but if you cant get compressed air easily then you should buy a rs
i can get co2 and compressed air easily were i play... they refill your tanks as many times as u want.

Originally Posted by DisIsMyUsername View Post
Carlos, btw where do you play?

If you wanna try out some guns lmk cause I know a couple ppl who might let u take a round with a PMR or maybe an ion.
nah its ok my frend has a pmr ill try his one of these days...

-J&J Ceramic Barrel 16"
-VL Evolution 3 w/ Ghetto Feed
-Trinity T-Lock Feed Neck
-Dye Sticky 3 Grip
-20 oz. Co2 Tank
-PMI 48 ci 3000 psi Tank
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