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Default Re: Looking into getting a Bob Long...

Originally Posted by bigred76 View Post
Sorry, forgot to include that, Andy! Yeah, wait until Cup rolls around to get the Cyborg07. They'll be cheaper as people will be offing them to afford the Cyborg08. They have "****ty resale" because "hype" and "agg" is not included into the price as it's unneeded nor wanted by 9/10 of it's users. (gotta include 9/10 now because damned HK woke up and smelled the coffee and now shoots them....)

For any Cyborg, I highly sugest one upgrade from stock: the PBK Scythe trigger. Other than that.... 2000 shots per tank fill stock sounds like it needs NOTHING else! The stock Matchstick is still one of the best in the industry, the Gladiator has some of the best recharge you've ever seen, and the valve/bolt system is as smooth as butta... Can't improve much without dropping $120 into it for the bolt, ram, and valve.... which I have yet to get and see if there actually is a noticable difference!
According to PBN MacDev has stopped going with the yearly incarnation of the Cyborg and will be doin the next gen. sort of thing. Not sure how reliable that info is, just what i've been hearing...
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