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Default Re: Looking into getting a Bob Long...

Originally Posted by king-man View Post
^my thoughts exactly, but since he wont i will, get a used 06 or 07 borg (or new if you can afford it) he reccomended it to me, and well lets just say <3 tim for suggesting it, once i got it in working order( took me a while cuz im the beggest nube ever on EP guns,cept for ions and such) but it shot BA

also, why do you want a nice, easy to screw up in the woods, speedball gun?
I'll look at the borgs again than, thanks. I want one to A)satisfy my trigger-happiness and B)play a machine gun type role (suppressive/covering fire).

EDIT: I looked at the 07 Cyborg and it was not only technically superior to the Bob Longs but also cheaper. It looks like I'll be getting one of those.
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