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Default Re: Looking into getting a Bob Long...

Originally Posted by irishwarrior View Post
I don't play speedball . I want something reliable, with a fast rate of fire and relatively easy to maintain.
Sorry, was busy spectating a tourney today...

GET A BORG!!! How does maintenance every 10 cases of paint sound to you? The '06 Borg was the fastest single barreled marker up to the recent release of the SL8R, at 35bps. My Borg has never had any issues that are really serious with me. I only had issues when I was tinkering with the LPR where I prolly shouldn't have.

<3 back at ya, Dillon! Told ya how to get it running right, lmao! They're so damn easy to set, too. HPR at 200psi, LPR a quarter to half turn in from reliable movement (no sticking). Adjust HPR according to altitude/location/weather for proper velocity. Should be about 275fps though, just with those settings.
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