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Originally Posted by Ace24 View Post
You're complaining about theft rate yet you want a S2k? Wtfzers? Wouldn't that be the other way around? There are so many ITR's around here and so little S2k's that it would seem the opposite to me.

Is the Integra Type R easy to break into?
There were only 3800 ITR's sent to the US, I doubt there are many in your area. S2k's aren't stolen because the ONLY part from them that can be used in other cars is the seats. Its not worth it to steal them. Any car is easy to steal with a tow truck, which is what thieves use nowadays.

Originally Posted by SUNNYboi View Post
Dude if your scared of your ITR getting stolen then dont get a S2K. They just gonna steal your seats out of it. IMHO the only way your gonna drive a Honda and not have it stolen is unless its a SOHC and completely stock. Then again iv seen Hondas stolen just because they have clean interior.

In other words, I drive a 91 Sentra SE-R. Ill post pics some pics of it soon. Iv got none on this computer.
I'd rather them take the seats than the entire car. I had an Integra stolen 2 years ago next Thursday. An S2k is an almost zero theft risk.
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