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Default Finally got my Deadly Wind Fibur and...WOW!!!

The Deadly Wind Fibur barrel isn't really new news but I just wanted to share this for anyone that's thinking about picking up a new barrel.
Well I finally got my Deadly Wind Fibur barrel. There was a mix up w/the order and it took 4 weeks but I can say for sure that it was worth the wait. Lite doesn't even come close to describing this baby. I used my A1 barrel as a comparison (because I don't have my Stiffi anymore and the CP 2-piece is a tank compared to the others). So without further delay, pic's are worth a thousand words...

And in comparison...

Of course as soon as i got these pic's done I had to see how it shot. I grabbed a bag of some old Stinger that had been stored in what could be only called the worst possible enviroment to store paint in and ran a couple of hoppers. First thing you'll notice is the noise reduction. My Ripper was pretty quiet before, now it's nothing short of inspiring, and accuracy was a HUGE improvement over the CP that I used, some part do to being able to use the freak inserts to better match paint to bore, but a lot has to be the silky smooth internal of the Fibur. In short this barrel is worth every penny and a great purchase for anybody that already has freak inserts.
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