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I like the PM7, but let me ask you this. Why do you need a back up? I've played many years and in many tournaments and NEVER needed a back up. In fact, the most my "back ups" ever get used is when someone else's gun goes down! If you take care of your primary, it'll take care of you.

However, I do know that sometimes somethings happen. If your primary goes down, you would probably have enough time to fix it (especially if you know your gun - makes it easier to diagnose problems.) The way I see it, if you really feel the need to have a backup, you should have one very similar to your primary - operation, weight, length, trigger pull, everything. Getting a spool valve when you shoot a poppit valve will feel incredibly different in a tournament, especially if you don't have much trigger time on it (which most backups sit in gear bags forever until people decide to sell them.

Personally, I don't call my extra guns back ups. I call them my gun whore collection!

Now, where's the option for "Save Your Money and Play More/Enter More Tournaments?"
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