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Thumbs up Pets..........

New forums, new pets thread. What type of pet(s) do you have? One of my son's is here and he bought my Bull Terrier 'Bullmaximus Shredder' with him. He's a CKC registered Bull Terrier from Canada. They are a rare dog that you don't normally see around too much. A cheap one costs around $1000. It took me around 2-3 months to find him and had to travel to pick him up. He's about 4 years old now and in his prime. A very crazy dog in a good way. He's great with people and walks like a rhino. When taking him for a walk, people will actually stop their car and ask questions about him. Most frequently asked by all, "What kind of dog is that?". I've trained him to do many tricks and do as I ask with no hesetation. A very smart dog -

This is one of the tricks he does; I put a piece of food on his nose and he freezes til I say 'OK!' then he flips it in the air and catches it and of course woofs it..........

A couple more of ma bully boy..........

Seems a lot of people are scared of him but I've taught him to be a very kind pooch. Once they see his temperament, they realize that he's a very koo pooch -

Anybody got a koo pet?......................
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