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Default Re: Calling all fathers!!! I need advice!!!

Originally Posted by Hossy View Post
just on a side note, wouldnt a kid who is younger have an easier time with getting hit, because of all the extra cartelidge in their body making a better cushion?
huh? no...

The only cartilage that is present only in kids is some in the hand and foot, otherwise at birth the rest of the skeleton(aside from the head) has hardened, however it is hylain cartilage which is quite bendable and absorbs shock quite well(in adults it is present in the knee and spine to absorb shock). However, in an adult, there is so much dense irregular connective tissue in the hands(the muscles of the fingers are located in the forearm) that most shock is absorbed that way. Between a 6 year old body and an adult body's ability to absorb the shock of a paintball there is little physical difference. The only difference would be mental, in which an adult may be able to take more than a kid, however, many adults can't take it, while I've seen 7 year olds with absolutely no fear.
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