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Arrow Re: Calling all fathers!!! I need advice!!!

Originally Posted by STRIKEFIRST View Post
Yeah Dragon for all I know at this point that would be what they use.

My 6 year old is home school'd very bright, respectful, follows rules to a "T".

Believe it or not she has a JT youth mask that fits great...BUT she's 6. My wife being all for it really messed up my head.

As bad as I want her to Play...and even with Mom's approval...Nope.

9 years old at earliest.

Now if it was some goofy thing like Dragon pointed out...I may change my mind...But my kid is a string bean...and I don't want to risk her getting hurt.

I'll let you all know if it's different, like dragons thing.
My 18 year old(youngest) and I played ball twice last week. Let him use my tricked VS and he loved it. He may very well end up having it for his own soon since he went on and on about it. You'll really like taking them when they're older cuz you need not worry about them so much getting hurt in the process -
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