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Default Re: new rodeo questions

Time to break this down...

Originally Posted by davmitchell77 View Post
just picked up a rodeo at the local pawnshop, and it appears totally stock, and in good shape. pic soon. i need to know how low i can adjust the regulator before i need to fiddle with springs. my shutter is at 500, all stock, and it doesnt seem to be an issue.
It depends on the gun. Tolerances vary from gun to gun, so each will be different. I'd assume that the 500psi would be about right, as that's about what a Spyder actually uses. It might be a bit more, but that all depends on the marker itself.

Originally Posted by davmitchell77 View Post
i plan to upgrade to an egrip, do i need to replace the striker?
Sometimes, it depends on if the stock striker has issues. The tolerances in Spyders aren't good enough, so sometimes the stock strikers are fine, but sometimes they aren't.

Originally Posted by davmitchell77 View Post
it will get a lapco clamping neck, anyone think they can match the marble anno?
I'm assuming that you're referring to the camo-like acid-wash that some Rodeo's have, right? Don't think so, but if I were you I'd pick something like gloss black and pick up those kind of parts for accents when you decide to upgrade, as that would look good on the Rodeo.

Originally Posted by davmitchell77 View Post
i want the stock barrel milled to accept freak inserts, but the local machine shops wont do it. any online companies recommended?
Hmmm, I'll look into this for you, but off the top of my head and are the only two that might do it.
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