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Default Just got a VS3

Hey guys im new to the forums but not to paint ball. I just came across a VS3 and I have a couple of questions about parts im buying for it. This is my first HPA gun so thats the only thing I need understanding in.

1. Im looking for a tank. So far the size I want is 45ci but should i got 3000psi or 4500? I read that some come preset to 800-900 can someone explain that to me?

2. A good place to buy a Fasta LCD 18V loader (Smoke)

3. Barrel: Iv been reading that not all spyder barrels will work on the VS3. So does anyone have a site where VS3 barrels are available. Im looking to get a Trinity 14' one but nowhere does it say it will fit a VS3.

Thats about it. Sorry for the noobish questions but we all need to learn from someone.
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