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Default Re: Been offered straightup trade, Marq 6 for my Ripper 3

Originally Posted by bamf-hacker View Post
And what is wrong with the Marq? Sounds odd a newer marker for an older one straight up.
My feeling exactly, the guy wants it really bad even offered up some gear as well, so that tells me either somethings wrong or he really wants the marker. I sent him extremely detailed photo's and a video showing it perform and that it did not have any leaks or issues, and insisted he do the same or forget it, he's supposed to be sending all that tomorrow so we'll see.

Originally Posted by Muddytaco View Post
If you care how it is on air I would stick with ripper3, marq uses about 1000 psi per pod on a 45/45.

As far as value, there worth about the same.
That's what I was hoping not to hear because the Ripper is ridiculously efficient and is one of the main things I like about it. Sounds like the Marq's efficiency is a bit worse than my A1's (not that those numbers are terrible).
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