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Originally Posted by SpyderMan723 View Post
Well, I'm just fed up with all this BS.
Heres my list of things that makes me want to junk it:
1)My board is F@#$%D and needs to be sent back to SD
2)The whole eyes thing was a waste of time and money
3)My Trinity stock has been cross threaded
4)I need(ed) eye covers which I never got
5)It chops like a mofo

I've spent so much money on this marker i could've went out and bought 3 ions....
1. Not much you can do there. Things happen but if he's willing to send you a new one don't be too upset.
2. I agree with the eyes thing being a waste of money. You should be able to make the MR2 work well enough without eyes. Although eyes are only $10.
3. Can't help you there.
4. See number 2.
5. What kind of paint are you using? What was the weather? How old was the paint? You have to take all of these into account when looking at chops. Also are all your parts working correctly?

That may in fact be true but eventually when you finish the gun you'll see that what you've learned and how the gun performs makes it worth way more than 3 ions in your mind.

Installing eyes on the MR2 seems pretty tough and I don't think it's something I plan on taking on. However after enough trial and error I'm sure you could make it work.
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