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Default Re: Ok guys a little help here!!!!!!

accuracy encompasses several aspects.....
1. your steadyness while shooting
2. paint-to-bore match.
3. air source regulated to a more consistant psi at the velocity you choose
4. grade of paintball used
5. HPA vs CO2

1 is self explanitory
2 means the paintball diameter needs to match the bore of the barrel - too big and it gets stuck, causing barrel breaks...too small and the air escapes around the paintball before it leaves the barrel causing it to drop or 'wing' (arc left or right)
3 means a good in-line reg will make your air hit the paintball at (roughly) the same psi every time...making it more consistant
4 means the cheaper the paint, the less consistant the paintball is to the others in the bag, the more 'oval' balls you may find, thin or brittle shells...just lesser quality paint.
5 means HPA is more consistant than CO2, simply by the nature of the gases. CO2 is a frozen liquid when under pressure and air isn't. CO2 has to expand into gas to work the marker and has pressure spikes because of it (among other reasons). Using HPA can eliminate spike issues...which create velocity problems, which can affect accuracy.
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