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Default Re: Ok guys a little help here!!!!!!

You can get a new barrel. I personally would sugest a CP 1 Peice, Smart Parts Teardrop, or J&J Ceramic.

I personally use a large bore barrel so I don't have any troubles at all with the ball's bore size, about a .691 bore in my CP, but if you only use one bore of paint then get the bore above that to make sure you have some wiggle room for an odd ball. Now, some barrel, like the Teardrop I listed, are one bore (.691) and you wont have to worry about what bore size they are because they will work with most balls.

For length, nothing longer than 14", nothing shorter than 12". I use 14" because I feel the 12" is too short, but the performance difference is so minute that you should go for the size that you feel comfortable dealing with.
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