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Thumbs down AV Black Market / Black Box Paint

I just got two cases of Action Village Black Box Paintballs last week..

"Black Market Black Box paint offers the perfect choice of team grade paint for players who demand premium quality at an affordable price. Black Market paint is the natural choice for the style of play discerning players demand"
Sounds great! Problem is its not true!

The boxes came very will packaged with plenty of padding and there were no breaks during shipment.
The paint was flat spotted, every ball in both cases. Most had very small flat spots / a few large. The paint also has medium to large seams. I contacted AV to ask about quality concerns and they basically ignored my questions, told me to set the bags out under heat, etc.. but they did reminded me that paint is non-returnable and that there was nothing they would do!

Paint breaks well but lacks the accuracy of other medium priced paint even when match to the bore. When qualifying accuracy - I'm comparing it to DXS and RPS medium grade paint shot on the same day (Snagged from my friends) and bore matched to size with a longbow barrel system. Shot for long distances across a d-day field.

Bottom line is this is a low/mid grade paint even without the flat spots. The medium grade price is a bit high for the quality. I would say its white box generic paint quality with a black box and some hype. The old saying is you get what you pay for, but in this case it didn't even measure up against paint in the same price category.
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