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Default Re: Ok guys a little help here!!!!!!

With a Rocking Trigger on the marker I'd sugest either a HaloB/ReloaderB or an eVLution 2 with a Z-board. These hoppers all feed fast enough to keep up with your trigger (unless you're really fast!) so you wont have any chops at all.

I personally go for a case of GAP (Great American Paintballs) when I go playing because they're the most bang for buck at my local shop. If you have a shop with a wide variety of paint, I'd try out a case of RPS Premiums and see how you like them, or one of RPS's cheaper paints. Find one that fits your budget, and then switch colors of fill and shell until you get the one you like. Just the brand of paint I like, but Draxxus and Diablo have several good paints for low prices as well. It all depends on what's available at your store.
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