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Default Re: Empire 08 3+4 Liquid SE pack

Hmm... I might pick one up if I can find it for less than the $60-65 my proshops want for it..

EDIT - Well, my fiance, the gorgeous wonder of the human race she is, let me have my Valentine's gift early.

So I picked out the straight black version of this pack, which for some reason only came to $40 even, whereas the Liquid colours were upwards of 60. The Dye pods fit alright, but I have to add that it'll take alot of stretching to get them to comfortably slide in and out on the run (should to prefer to pick up your stuff and not leave your pods about when done with them.) I'm going to leave them in the pack for about a week or so and see if it helps.

Overall it's a nicely made product, I like how it lets you velcro the lumbar strap first, then tighten things with the anti-fat ass strap afterwards, makes me realize maybe its a good idea to fire off a few situps in the morning..
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