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Default Re: Official Mask Thread

Here are a couple of my masks. Nothing special - they get the job done, and they do it comfortably! I have a few more in storage, I think, but didn't want to drag them out. I may get them some time later...

My old Profilers:
Mirror lense - always silver mirror! I have a few ambers, smokes and clears also, just in case.

Nothing special about them - I've had them since shortly after they came out what, 4 years ago? Foam and strap is still in excellent shape!

Proflex Blue/Black with chrome lense. A little too dark for me, even on sunny days. Also get this weird halo thing going on inside the lense from the vents on top. But not bad...

I think I'm going to get a new strap, if I can find one cheap enough that I like. I may get a new bottom piece as well. It's sort of peeling on the nose. I bought them for 25.00 from an ex-teammate who only used them a couple times, then threw them in his truck and forgot about them for about a year.
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