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Default Re: Store Links and Reviews #2

canadian paintball -
took 2 weeks for shipping and i ordered detents in september and still havent got it. I also bought a sp epiphany from them and it was covered in rust inside the body but they did replace it, ONLY TOOK A FEW WEEKS+$15.

also i see you dont have this site on your list.
i give this site a - becasue...
$110 for a evlution 3, seriously?
Kingman Spyder MR2
Kingman Fasta 18 v. LED hopper, 16 in. sp linear barrel, 48/3000 HPA tank, "Timmy" Detents

Smart Parts epiphany
Kingman Fasta 18 v. LED hopper, DYE hyper 2 reg, 48/3000 HPA tank

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