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Default Re: Smart Parts Tactical Barrel

Originally Posted by Kenny_McCormic
20" barrels are only good for 2 things, scaring the **** out of noobs and scaring the **** out of the guy at the filll station.

this is the first time someone has actually said what i have always said. you da man. props to you. anything over 16" is a total waste. doesnt help with accuracy and wastes co2. get a good barrel that is 16" at the most. dont waste your money on anything more. or you are doing that exactly, wasting your money.
--My Kit--
  • Spyder MR1
  • 16 Inch barrel
  • Trinity Feedneck
  • Remote (works fine to my standards)
  • Evolution Electric Hopper (Need new shell)
  • Spyder 20 oz CO2 tank
  • Stock (Now Dogfooted)
  • Barska Red Dot Sight
  • Spyder Compact Elite trigger setup

Currently working on rebuilding my spyder e99 for speedballing. Its gonna be sick!!!

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