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Default Re: Store Links and Reviews #2

got the 3 above my post.
800 and 888 paintball links apear to be inactive. Noted as such.
Thanks guys.

My own additions:

A + for fast shipping and good prices on my Whippersnapper lens and goggle foam.

Added to the list: is the one you see all over the place on Nation. The store primarily sells O-Ring kits and small tool packs/maintenence needs...some other small sundries like DM eyes, etc.

I only added one + for fast shipping but I should add 5 more for the following:

I had an American Express gift card I got for Christmas. MarkerKits has big tubs (3oz) of Hatersauce and I got an E-Coupon in my E mail but when I went to the site, alas, no drop-down box for AmEx.

I wrote a pleasant email to the site "contact" radio button mentioning that I would have ordered but there was no AmEx selection at checkout.....and received a response the very next day, that they added the AmEx selection to the check-out, to go ahead and make my order.

I did just that, utilized the E-coupon and got 3oz of Hatersauce delivered with FREE shipping for less than $15. That was Saturday morning and I got the package this morning (Wednesday) via USPS shipping.

Like I said...I should give them 6 +'s but in fairness to other stores, I only gave them one.

Definately check them out.
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