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Lightbulb Re: Introducing: The X-Customs NV

Originally Posted by pb34
Possibly, I'm going on a cruise with my school either the first or second weekend in April not quite sure which. If I do end up going I'll let you know and we could meet up and you could show me some super secret X-Customs plans

Edit: Just checked it out on their website and it says the weekend of March 28th. So hopefully I'll be able to make it up!
Well this is upsetting.. I was originally told that the scenario game was scheduled for the following weekend (first weekend in April). I have a conflict on the 29th, which means I will not be attending the scenario game.

Originally Posted by kramernator
wow, that looks sweet,
if you don't mind me asking......
what program do you use to design that? then how do you make it real, like, what company do you send the design to for them to make it?
whats does that company charge?

or is that way out of range for the average person who loves CAD programs?
This is certainly not out of range for the average CAD'er, but it is quite expensive. It's all a matter of getting your design perfect the first time around (or close to it), finding a suitable CNC-capable machinist, and exporting your part files to a format that the machinist's software can read. You will typically find prototype costs ranging from $200-500 from CNC machine shops. Production runs are much cheaper but still do not leave much room for profit.

PM me if you wish to discuss this further.
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