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Angry Re: VS3 or Electra

to tell you the truth. I would choose the electra , the 06' . it has eyes, and the board is fine. its capped @30 bps. has a wrap around grip, which is very nice. Co2,HPA,or N2 ready right out of the box.

[Rant and Rave]
there's more ups for the Regular Spyder Frames than the Vs frame series.

like springs for instance, with the electra its just a drop in tune and go. for the VS its size springs up, cut your new springs to size, drop in , tune and go.

oh and the valve..I have a rocket valve in my electra, I'm shooting 280-300 fps @ <120 Psi with no shootdown.

VS has the balance valve..thats it. no other valve...sure you can put your cut springs, front block, real reg and a real asa on/off, and you can put a different striker and bolt in it..heck even a T board. with a 25 g switch and a delrin trigger..

the gun is still going to be the same, its still going to need that 200+ psi, and it's still going to feel the same. That valve is a weakness to the VS, because you can't swap it with a better one. nor are there any aftermarket brands (that i can find i have looked for one) that make valves for the VS. what I'm saying is that even with all the ups to it, its still the same performance wise, even with a different board.
[/Rant and Rave]

there's just way more options to go with the electra over the VS.

I tell ya what man as a suggestion , If I were you I would wait for the RS - RSX to come out..if you have the money, its definitaly going to be worth the wait.
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