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Default Re: What makes one store different from another????

Ive never dealt with many online stores. But Firstcall has done me right, and Xtremez is probably the worst website to order off of. Ive had many many problems with them.

My local proshop is really the only one around. I dont go there very often because its not the closest place, and Im never in that much need of PB goods. But when I go, the manger makes everyone feel like theyre welcome, and gives everyone a good deal. I bought about 100 dollars worth of stuff off of the store, and I was interested in getting a Rip Drive, and he said hed through it in for free. Ive never had a complaint about the store. Basically any store that makes you feel that they are helping you is a store that id give good reviews away anytime. I needed help choosing something, and they helped me, even though they may have made less off of me. Thats the kind of stores we need as well, we dont need grumpy people!

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It just occurred to me that "bad company" may be a terrible name for a team sponsored by only one company.
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