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Default What makes one store different from another????

Customer Service.

I have and use many CCM products. Feednecks, Pump kits, the Frame on my custom Phantom, etc.. I love the quality of the products and today I had a chance to see how awesome the customer service is.

I ordered a new feedneck for my Timmy from the EBay web store. I ordered it on Friday night the 21st of December. Early on Saturday I recieved an e-mail letting me know my feedneck would ship next business day which was Wednesday the 26th. I was fine with that since it was the holiday. I thought that was a nice touch so I did not sit around wondering when my product would ship.

Well it shipped as promised on Wednesday and two days later it arrived. Not bad since it was going coast to coast.

Here is where the real customer service kicks in. I opened the box to find my new feedneck and some more CCM stickers. At first all looked good, until I put it on my Timmy. The black in the feedneck was more deep blue than black. I took a few pictures like I always do and that is when it was apparent that the color was off.

I called the 800 number provided and spoke to Melissa. She was very friendly and helpful. I sent her a picture of the feedneck and she replied to me with in 15 minutes. She told me the feedneck anno was bad and was sending me a new feedneck right away. She even told me to keep the old feedneck and not worry about sending it back to them.

Now that is the kind of customer service we need from more retailers out there.

Thank you Melissa and CCM for giving me faith that there are GOOD retailers out there.

Here is the CCM site for those of you that need stuff.
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