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Originally Posted by mr1newbie
Hey deano 177, where did you buy or how did you make that trigger stop? Also, how did it work when you played with it? Thanks.
It worked very well. It took all the extra play out of the trigger.

It was really simple. The first thing to do is to take the the marker and secure it in an upright postiton... like this....

Lay out the hole so that whatever size screw that you use will fit inside the grips. Most bolt heads are much larger than the threads so keep that in mind that the bolt probably won't go through the hole in the back of the grip unless you use an allen head screw which in my opinion would look good because they are usually black. I used what I had on hand which was size 1/4X20 by 1" long screws and washers.

I drilled a hole with a #7 size drill bit. This is the size that is used with a 1/4x20 bolt tap. Once I had the correct tap size drilled I needed to enlarge the hole in the back large enough for the tap to slide through and let it line up with the hole that the bolt will actually fit in....

Once I tapped the hole, I then used a 1/4X20 by 1" long with 2 locking washers.

This worked out pretty good for me. I used a sloted screw instead of a hex head so that if it ever loosens I can just stick a screw driver through the hole that I drilled in the back of the grip. If you have allen head screws that would probably work really well, too. Good luck and if you have any questions you can pm me.

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