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Originally Posted by sqirmymr1


silencers are illegal unless you have a permit to have one. i read something about this on Spec Ops paintball's web site. The permit is like $200 or something outrageous like that, but as long as you have a permit, you can have one. do you have a permit for that sqirmrmr1?

i dont have a permitt but a silencer is legal on a paintball gun in michigan if it is mounted to your gun and cannot be removed without destroying it or something like that... idk but it is legal...and shweet
That is true for most states, but there is a story of ATF takign some guys gun, cutting off the barrel wiht a hacksaw and using to test. Then prosecuting him. Also the MR1 barrel is threaded so therefore it is removable adn could be used. Now then it has been quite a few years since any cases were filed on this subject, so I think ATF may have laxed up a bit, it is a rather ridiculous law ot start with.

Sorry to drag this off topic. I hope to post pics of mine by the first if the year. Oh I can't wait to start modding that bad boy.
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