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Yeah MD regs take a bit of break in. Also Vike if you want feel free to adjust the trigger! For some fun you can hold in the trigger and turn the gun on. When it turns Blue your in programming mode. Pull the trigger slowly until you get to the rapidly blinking white light and hold the trigger down until the blinking slows. It will blink the current mode setting. Then pull the trigger 4 times and stop. When it turns back to the rapid blinking it's set and you just turn it off and back on. That is testing mode. Eyes are automatically off and the dwell is lowered to whatever the default test dwell is. You'll find you can here the noid cycling and the marker will essentially cycle. It lets you check your trigger speed and doesn't use hardly any air! Its also super quiet. doesn't bother the wife, the sleeping baby, or the pets! Don't worry if you mess it up their is an easy reset in the manual that reverts the gun right back to stock(pg. 17).

On another note here is what are some of the positives that you won't notice on visual inspection. Stick finger down feedneck and pull trigger! Also take notice of how the marker operates. There is one reg, electronic board, solenoid and drive train. Those are all of the parts of the marker. You can replace a droid drivetrain in about 35-45 seconds. You can replace the reg in about 25 seconds. You can replace the board in about 1 min. The solenoid will take well under 3 mins. The solenoids they are using are extremely well built and rarely have an issue. So in under 2 mins we can repair any problems in the marker making them exceptionally user friendly.

Oh and a side's behind because of the high demand at this time. I bet you all thought I was gonna hand him my personal if......I have to play too! We have 4 of these locally on our team from cup! All are being used and Vike needed a brand new one to do an honest review!
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